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PD's Lunch and Dinner Menu

Lunch and Dinner is served until 11:30PM!!!

PD's Appetizers


Soup of the Day:  Cup $3      Bowl $4


Onion Rings:  $4

Garlic Toast:  $3

-With Cheese:  $4


Potato Skins:  $5

-With Chicken or Beef:  $7


Mozza Stix - breaded mozzarella served with a marinara dipping sauce:  $6


Poutine - fries baked with cheese and topped with gravy. A Canadian favorite:  $6


Calamari - marinated and dipped in com flour, fried golden brown, and served  with marinara dipping sauce:  $7 


PD's Famous Buffalo Wings - tossed in our famous buffalo sauce, available mild, medium or hot, and served with blue cheese dressing and celery sticks:

 5-$4      10-$7      20-$13     50-$30


Buffalo Shrimp - the seafood version of our wings, available mild, medium or hot, and served with blue cheese dressing and celery sticks

1/4 LB - $8     1/2 LB - $14      1 LB - $25


Quesadillas - cheddar and Monterey jack cheese baked between two flour tortillas, served with sour cream and homemade salsa:  $5

-With chicken, beef, or veggies:  $7


Nachos - com tortilla chips baked with cheese and topped with jalapenos, tomatoes, and scallions, and served with homemade salsa and sour cream:  $6

-With chicken or beef:   $8


Spicy Shrimp Gambas- Shrimp Sautéed with Peppers, Onions & served in a  spicy Tomato sauce:   $8




Caesar Salad - Romaine lettuce and croutons tossed in a homemade Caesar dressing and topped with Parmesan and lemon:   $6


Pasta Salad - Rotini, tomatoes and scallions, tossed in your choice of dressings and served on romaine lettuce:  $6

Garden Salad - Lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, and red and green peppers  served with your choice of dressings:  $6


Spinach Salad - Tender spinach with bacon, sweet peppers, mushrooms, croutons, tomatoes, and crispy fried onions:   $7

-With grilled or blackened chicken ADD $2

-With grilled or blackened Dolphin ADD $3

-With poached rock shrimp or grilled jumbo shrimp ADD $3


Taco Salad - Lettuce tossed in homemade ranch dressing with com tortillas, shredded cheese, jalapenos, and salsa, with your choice of blackened chicken or spiced beef :  $8


Chef Salad- Tossed lettuce with H~ Turkey, Cheese & Peppers. The ultimate Full Meal Salad:  $9



Balsamic Vinaigrette, Light ranch, Homemade ranch, French, Thousand Islands, Jerk mayo, Blue Cheese



Burgers, Sandwiches and Melts

Served with fries and Cole Slaw


PD's Burger - Our 100% all beef burgers are charbroiled to your liking,  served on a seeded bun, and topped with lettuce, tomatoes, and onion:  $6

AL's Ultimate Burger - Bacon, Ham, Mushrooms, Onions, Peppers & Cheddar Jack :  $8


Grilled or Blackened Chicken Sandwich - Served with Fries & Slaw:  $7

Toppings: Cheddar/jack cheese, bacon, hall), mushrooms, jalapenos, salsa:  $0.50 each


BBQ Chicken Sandwich- With Cheddar Jack, Bacon & BBQ Sauce:  $8


Grilled or Blackened Dolphin Sandwich - charbroiled and served on a fresh burger bun with lettuce, tomato, onion and tartar sauce:  $8


Buffalo Chicken Sandwich - Beer battered chicken breast dipped in Buffalo sauce and served on a sesame seed bun with blue cheese dressing, lettuce, and tomato:   $8


Gyro - Spiced combo of beef and lamb served in pita bread with lettuce and tomato, topped with your choice of tzatziki or sweet garlic sauce:   $7


Grilled New York Strip Sandwich - 80z strip steak on a toasted garlic hoagie roll topped with sautéed peppers, onions, and mushrooms:  $9


PD's Club - Smoked Turkey & Ham with Swiss Cheese lettuce & Tomato:   $7


Grilled Portabella Sandwich - topped with cheese, tomatoes, and grilled  onions and served on a sesame seed bun with Russian dressing:  $8


Country Club Melt - Smoked turkey, bacon, tomatoes and cheese on pressed sour dough bread:  $7


Grilled Chicken Wrap - Served with lettuce, tomato & onion with a sweet chili Sauce:  $7


Grilled Cheese Sandwich - served on white bread:  $6


Stephi's Veggie Sandwich - Swiss Cheese, cucumber, Tomatoes Lettuce and Grilled Veggies on white bread or as a wrap:  $7



Made with the freshest ingredients and served with garlic toast


Garden Penne Pasta- In a Jerk Sauce with Garden Vegetables:   $6



Chicken and Broccoli Linguine - Cooked in a creamy mushroom sauce: $8

Linguine Marinara:   $6

Classic Lasagna - Layers of fresh pasta with tomato sauce, sausage, ground beef and 4 cheeses baked golden brown (Please allow 20 minutes for this item.) :  $8






All entrees are served with your choice of baked potato, rice, fries, or mashed potato, and fresh steamed vegetables


Fish and Chips - Beer battered mahi-mahi served with tartar sauce:  $10


Garlic Shrimp- a 1/4-pound of jumbo shrimp sautéed in garlic butter:   $13

Herb Marinated Salmon- Topped with a Scotch Bonnet Sauce:   $15


Dolphin Platter- 120z of Dolphin Filet, Grilled, Blackened:   $11

Cayman Style :   $12


Chicken and Chips - Beer battered chicken strips fried golden brown:   $8

Also available buffalo style :(add $ 0.50)


Herb Roast Chicken- 1/2 Chicken oven roasted to perfection :  $10


Chicken Platter- 12 oz Breast of Chicken grilled or Blackened:   $10


New York Strip loin Steak - New York Strip Steak broiled to your liking and topped with sautéed mushrooms:   8 oz - $9    14 oz - $15


T-Bone Steak- 12oz served with Forest Mushroom Jus:   $15


 Bangers and Mash - Imported Sausage roasted and topped with gravy:   $11


Stow smoked BBQ Ribs - 1/2 LB of tender baby back ribs marinated in our homemade BBQ sauce:   $12


Cuban Spiced Pork Tenderloin- Marinated and topped with a Jerk au Jus  & onions:  $15


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