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Grand Cayman Islands Kayak Tour and 7 mile beach excursions in Grand Cayman Islands

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Grand Cayman Kayak and Seven Mile Beach Excursions


Adult: $55.00US(for passengers over 12 years)


Child:$45.00US (for children 6-12 years)


  • Maximum weight per Kayak is 400lb

  • Maximum weight per passenger is 250lbs


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 Grand Cayman Kayak Tour and 7 Mile Beach Excursions

The Cayman Kayak excursion Grand Cayman Kayak Tour for Cruise Ship Passengersoffers the perfect combination of adventure and relaxation as you explore the picturesque coastline of Grand Cayman from George Town (Cruise Ship arrival area) to Seven Mile Beach, perhaps the nicest beach in the World. 

Whether you are looking for a unique way to explore Grand Cayman or the ultimate Grand Cayman Island adventure tour, this is the shore excursion for you! Combining kayaking, site seeing, snorkeling and relaxing on the beach, it offers something to please everyone in your family or group.

FollowingCayman Kayak Tour from George Town to Seven Mile Beach a brief instructions on how to paddle and maneuver your kayak the Cayman Kayak Guides will assist you into your kayak and the small group will cruise out into Cayman's crystal clear sea.  The tour hugs the coast line in order to provide calm conditions, stopping often for excellent photo opportunities.

Make sure to keep your eyes open for the marine life passing below you.  You may spot schools of fish, tarpon, stingrays or turtles who often surface for a breath of air.

All Kayaks Kayaking along the Coastline in Grand Caymanare 2 person kayaks with built in adjustable backrests to provide comfort for people of all sizes.  These water crafts are very easy to paddle due to brand new plastic molding techniques.  Our newly designed kayaks are light and provide additional balance not found with older kayak models usually found as rentals or current kayak safaris.

The highlight for many of our Clients will be reaching the famous Seven Mile Beach, one the best beaches in the world! Paddle ashore and relax on this magnificent stretch of sandy beach, enjoy the bar, restaurant or grab a mask provided by your guide to explore the marine life found a short swim from shore. 

FollowingKayaks on the Beach in Grand Cayman on the Beach stop the beach break you will return to your Kayaks for the ride back to your starting point.  Because of Grand Cayman's natural water flow the way back is a delight, just when you thought the way there was easy the way back is equally enjoyable and the perfect direction for Cruise Line photography.

This fantastic new excursion is perfect for families and groups of all ages.  The excursion is very limited in numbers of participants in order to create an intimate, Kayak Island Tour and Beach time.  Please ensure to reserve well in advance of your arrival date in order to assure availability for your group.


Kayak Guide giving instructions before the Cayman Kayak Tour

   Guides providing basic instruction prior to tour departure

Kayaking in Grand Cayman on the Cayman Kayak Tour

Cayman Kayak Tour paddling through George Town Harbor

Kayaking in Grand Cayman on the Kayak Excursion

Stopping to explore the hidden cove

Admiring the Cali Ship Wreck on the Cayman Kayak Tour

Cayman Kayak passenger stop to admire the Ship Wreck of the Cali

Smiling passengers on the Cayman Kayak Excursion

The Cayman Kayak experience is fun for all

Seven Mile Beach, Beach Break on the Kayak Tour

Beach Stop on Cayman's Seven Mile Beach

Please fill in our on-line form to reserve or for more info on our fantastic Grand Cayman Kayak and 7 Mile Beach Tour

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Number of Adults in your party:

  $55.00US per Adult


Number of Children:

  $45.00US per Child (Age 6 to 12)


Questions or Special requests:


We will confirm with times and possibilities!



Thank you for filling out our reservation form,

will contact you ASAP with an availability notice by E-Mail. 

Please keep in mind, a credit card deposit will

be needed in order to confirm the Cayman Kayak upon

confirmation of availability.


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