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Grand Cayman Islands Scuba Diving, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

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Scuba Diving Prices

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The ultimate Scuba Diving with our stingrays at Stingray City!  



per  diver


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Grand Cayman Stingray City Scuba Diving and more.....

Grand Cayman stingray city scuba diving at it's finest, dedicated to Cruise Ship Passengers!   If you are searching for the perfect Stingray City scuba diving excursion this is it!  The dive boat departs daily to Stingray City in the morning allowing both diving and snorkeling on beautiful stingray city.  We have created the ideal excursion for families who might require both services from one excursion.  You will be able to spend 60 + minutes playing with the Stingrays, explore nearby reefs, interact with stingrays, eels, nurse sharks and more!!! This fantastic excursion will bring you back to shore in just over 2 hours.

All pickups are located a mere step away from the Cruise Ship Pier, we offer personalized scuba dives, scuba diving resort course and Stingray City scuba diving.  Why snorkel Stingray City when you can interact with them at eye level?  We have the perfect cruise ship scheduling for this fantastic scuba diving excursion!

The stingray city dive is perfect for all levels of scuba divers due to the shallow depth of the dive (10ft to 12ft deep) You will be guided by a Certified Scuba Diving Instructor throughout the dive and will be able to interact, feed, pet and photograph these gentle creatures for the experience of a lifetime!  The excursion visits the "real Stingray City", a dive site rated in the 10 ten shallow dives in the World.

Snorkelers in your group?  Bring them along to share your experience!  Snorkelers are allowed on board and will be able to snorkel beautiful reefs, have a fantastic stingray interaction as well as experience marine life not found at the regular stingray city sandbar.

Reservations or Questions

A Two Divers per reservation minimum is required to reserve the excursion


Reservation Name:


E-Mail Address: (Please verify)


Reservation Date:


Ship Name:


Number of Scuba Divers $70usd pp: (The dive price does not include dive gear.  Tanks and weights are included in the price.)


Number of Snorkelers in your party $40usd pp: (Snorkeling gear included)


Equipment Needed


Mask and Fins $15usd (divers only)


Regulator and Console $15usd


BCD $15usd


Wet Suit $15usd


If any specific requirement as not found on

this form, please fill in the question/requests

form below.


Questions or Special requests:


Thank you for filling out our reservation form,

we will contact you ASAP

with an availability notice by E-Mail. 

Please keep in mind, a 20% credit card deposit will

be needed in order to confirm the charter upon

confirmation of availability.



Problems with this form? Please E-Mail us!


AOL USERS, Pleased E-Mail us Directly in order to receive your

Reservation Request due to the SPAM blockers

in your E-Mail System.

Please include all information found in the form above!



Please allow 5 seconds for form to send

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