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Grand Cayman Islands Stingray City Sailing Private Snorkeling Charters, Cayman Islands

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Private charter rates

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entering the water at stingray city, Grand Cayman

The entrance into the water is simple and easy, the prefect stingray city charter sailboat for kids of all ages!

stingray city private charter boat layout





















































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Stingray City 46ft Private Sailing Charter

Stingray City Snorkeling and Sailing Private Excursion

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This Grand Cayman Stingray City Excursion offers incomparable grand cayman sailing charterprivacy, fantastic snorkeling and comfort.  If you want to cruise in style in Grand Cayman, our 46ft Sailboat is the way to go!  This 46ft sailboat will provide you with world-class entertainment.  Playing with stingrays, crew your own boat with the help of the Capt. enjoy the crystal blue waters of Grand Cayman.  Whether you are a sailing enthusiast or a first timer, this Grand Cayman Excursion will provide you with the ultimate Caribbean sailing adventure.  Your Grand Cayman sailing cruise can be personalized to suit your family or group providing unsurpassed flexibility.

Why fight the crowds?  With a 15-people max rule in the private charter group, your whole family and friends will be able to be together for this memorable experience.  private stingray city charter 46ft in Length and 13.5ft in Width you will have plenty of space to move around or tan with plenty of elbow room.  Your private charter comes fully equipped with Crew, Snorkeling Gear, snorkeling vests, food for Stingrays, a fully equipped galley, a head (bathroom), staterooms, ice coolers, soft drinks, fruit platters, every comfort of home!

Fantastic Snorkeling!  The Excursion will take you to the real Stingray City in Grand Cayman for some of the best snorkeling to be found on the Island.  The real Stingray City offers much more than sand and stingrays, surrounded by beautiful coral, schools of tropical fish, eels, nurse sharks under ledges and majestic stingrays, it is no wonder this snorkeling site has been selected as one of the top 10 underwater sites in the World by leading magazines and publications.

Visit Stingray City in the comfort of your own boat on the real stingray city in grand caymanthe morning half day charter, the morning stingray city excursion departs at 9:00AM, (departure times are flexible and are issued according to your ship's arrival and departure schedule) with a relaxing sail to un-crowded snorkeling spots such as Coral Gardens, the Barrier Reef or the Aquarium.  The second stop is over World famous Stingray City, where you will be able to play, feed and pet Southern Stingrays in their natural habitat.  The charter returns to shore at 12:30PM leaving enough time for a 7 Mile Beach visit or shopping in George Town before returning to your Cruise Liner.  This extremely comfortable vessel has it all, fully equipped galley, bathroom/shower, 1 estate room, 3 guest rooms, fresh water outdoor shower, fully Captained and crewed!


the private sailboat deck


   The Sailboat offers a fantastic tanning area

sailing in grand cayman


at 46ft in length the ride is smooth and comfortable


And plenty of fun for the whole family.

playing pirates of the caribbean


Nothing compares to a sailboat.

the private sailboat plush interiors

The vessel offers a fully equipped galley, even bedrooms!

sailing to stingray city in the beautiful waters of grand cayman

To go along with your private charter.

the stingray city stop, right next to the barrier reef in grand cayman

Your private sailing charter will take you to the Real Stingray City.  Stingrays, Eels, Tropical Fish, vibrant Coral, it's all here!

a water shot of your grand cayman private charter excursions

While anchored at stingray city you will have the chance to interact with our Grand Cayman marine life.

playing with the stingrays at stingray city

Your Capt. will take the rays right up to the boat for you.

snorkeling equipment

Snorkeling equipment is supplied on your charter

the beautiful tropical fish at stingray city

Stingray City is full of Tropical Fish.

the tropical fish in grand cayman comes right up to you

One foot off the sailboat you will step into an aquarium.

stingrays at stingray city


The stingray at stingray city are always surrounded by hundreds of tropical fish.  This location offers all the best.

the friendly stingrays at stingray city


The Stingrays at Stingray City swim right up to you to receive their treat.  The rays are friendly and playful.

cayman sailing back to port

Sailing Grand Cayman beautiful waters


truly enjoying his private charter

Heading back to Port after a great day at sea.


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